Our network

The Geek Group
Non-profit science and technology educational organization

The Geek Group has over five thousand members scattered across the globe, in every state in the USand one hundred and forty-two countries.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, The Geek Group provides access to science, technology, engineering and math by developing programming and facilities for individuals and institutions to learn, explore, innovate and play at an independent pace according to their needs.

This is done a few ways.

Leonard Street Labs Facility

We have a 42,000 square foot facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that is our Galactic Headquarters. Through this facility, members are able to build projects and prototypes, collaborate with other members,take classes in their areas of interest, and teach classes in their areas of expertise. Since we moved to the Leonard Street Labs in December of 2010, we have had over 300 members participate in the facility. They have had the opportunity to explore every single one of our workshop spaces: High Voltage Lab,Machine Shop, Audio/Visual Production, Robotics Lab, Woodworking Shop, Electronics Lab, andComputer Lab. Most of the members are also volunteered their time to help us get the facility remodeled and ready for its Grand Opening.

Online Videos

Our largest reach through the world is via our videos. We produce videos that explore many facets- how-to and instructional videos, in-depth exploration of scientific concepts, project videos and major demonstration videos. We have over thirteen thousand subscribers, and since we started have accumulated over four million views on our videos.

Our viewership is extremely interactive and we regularly make videos with the participation of our viewership. Our videos have been used as tools in classrooms the world over, and we work hard to accommodate requests for more videos that can be used as teaching tools.

Online Membership

In addition to the videos, we have an extremely large and interactive membership on the Geek Group website. We have member forums, which have been in active use since 2001. Conversation in the forums run through all areas of science and technology, and we encourage members to display their projects and show guides for other members.