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Company Overview:Rapid Growth is a FREE weekly e-magazine...yep...it doesn't cost a thing!

Each freshly baked issue is published on Thursday mornings. Visit our site via bookmark or sign-up for our FREE html newsletter.

Either way is cool with us...but let's just say you won't want to miss a single issue!

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Mission:To tell an alternative narrative about the positive growth of Grand Rapids and West Michigan.

We show (and tell) awesome stories about art, entrepreneurship, innovation, development as well as profile the people and businesses that are pushing Michigan forward.

Oh...and you'll never want to leave Grand Rapids if you read us on a regular basis! (we aren't kidding).

Products:Piping hot ideas about innovation, growth and making Grand Rapids the best place to live and work in the entire known universe (okay, that's admittedly a stretch but this is our home and we are unapologetic about our enthusiasm for GR).