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What restaurant serves the best hamburger in Grand Rapids West?

What restaurant serves the best hamburger in Grand Rapids West?

Hey Grand Rapids West!

WZZM13 wants to know what restaurant serves the best hamburger in your community. Please voice your opinion by completing the poll below. If your favorite isn’t on the list, choose other and enter it into the comment section below.

Then, the week of July 5th, we’ll have a poll on our WZZM13 Facebook page that consists of the top hamburger places from each of our 21 My Town communities.

Throughout the week of July 11th, our very own Lee Van Ameyde will visit each of the top five restaurants to sample their hamburgers for a segment that will air on WZZM13.

Finally, on Friday, July 15, we’ll reveal the restaurant that serves the best hamburger among our My Town communities.

Support your community by placing your vote below!


Mr. Gyro Opens On Alpine

Mr. Gyro Opens On Alpine

Mr. Gyro has opened a new location on Alpine Ave located at 2260 Alpine Ave NW.

This opening stretches the food choice on Alpine geographically south towards Leonard and adds to the already eclectic array of options available.

For hours and menu information you can contact Mr. Gyro at (616) 791-6660.  

B.C. Pizza in Edison Plaza offers buffet lunch

If you find yourself limited on time, craving some pizza, and on the westside, then you should swing by BC Pizza on Lake Michigan Drive.

The price is right, the food is good and the workers there are always friendly.

By the way, you should always make it a point to check out their corkboard filled with business cards and job leads.

Click here for more info: http://www.bcpizza.net/menus.cfm

El Granjero has elotes on its menu

El Granjero Mexican Grill makes elotes that remind me so much of the ones sold straight from the street vendors in Chicago.

The corn cob on a stick is covered wtih salt, chili powder, butter, cheese, lemon juice and mayonnaise.

I would've taken a picture but I ate them too fast.

El Granjero Mexican Grill is located at 950 Bridge St. in Grand Rapids.

Review: Chicago Style Gyros delish!

Review: Chicago Style Gyros delish!

The other day I stopped in Chicago Style Gyros on Leonard. 

This corner restaurant may not look like much from the outside, but on the inside there's a colorful atmosphere. 

It serves up excellent Mediterranean cuisine at very affordable prices. 

The place is clean and the ingredients are really fresh. 

I got the chicken platter and I'm looking forward to becoming a repeat customer. 

The West Is Best For Mexican

The West Is Best For Mexican

I had an incredible culinary experience for lunch today at El Granjero. The restaurant is located at 950 Bridge St. NW in Grand Rapids. The family owned restaurant brings over 15 years to the kitchen. My huevos rancheros were amazing. The salsas and torillas are homemade. It won't be long before I'm headed back to try something else on their menu.

Paolo Gonzalez of El Granjero will be stopping by the morning show this Sunday to share some of her family's recipes. Don't forget to tune-in!

A great burger and a great time

If you want to have one of the best burgers in Grand Rapids, meet your friends on a Tuesday or Thursday night at St. George's Hall on the Northwest side.

St. George's located between Leonard & Richmond at 1513 Quarry is open to the public as a great meeting place for friends to gather and enjoy a fabulous burger and a full bar.

Cooked up by "Barb" you can have a burger with a side of kapusta and a bag of chips or, for the weight conscious, a burger salad... my personal choice for $4.00. The best burger for the best price in Grand Rapids.

Barb serves up burgers every Tuesday and Thursdays from 5:45 - 8:45pm.