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G-Sync: The Buzz on DCGR

G-Sync: The Buzz on DCGR

By Tommy Allen, Lifestyle Editor

Earlier this summer, I was invited to a fundraiser at The Pyramid Scheme to say a few words and then introduce a local musical act. It was all pretty standard fare, to be honest, so with my notes ready, I headed to the stage.

As I stood next to the band members tweaking their instruments, I surveyed the crowd. According to the fire marshal’s sign on the door, the room had a capacity of 420 and it appeared pretty full. As I attempted to focus on the room, I saw the faces beyond the stage lights.

I realized something quickly -- something I had never witnessed before. Quickly casting off my prepared speech, I looked up and then outward before delivering, “What’s up, Grand Rapids!?!” in my best call-to-attention voice.

Schmidt grand jury has tools to compel truthful testimony

Schmidt grand jury has tools to compel truthful testimony

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- The one-person grand jury in Lansing  now investigating the effort to rig an election in Grand Rapids has considerable power to make witnesses testify and tell the truth.

"They have three alternatives," says Hon. Donald A. Johnston, chief judge of the 17th District Circuit Court. "They can tell the truth, they can try to lie and if we find out about it we can indict them for perjury, or they can refuse to answer -- in which case we will find them in contempt and remand them to the custody of the sheriff."

Judge Johnston was the last one-person grand jury in Kent County. He led the investigation into a Grand Rapids gang war that resulted in the indictment and conviction of 14 suspects.

"It was a very successful effort and worked quite well," he says.

A Conversation with Former Mayor Logie

A Conversation with Former Mayor Logie

J. Bennett Rylah

John H. Logie was the Mayor of Grand Rapids for a long time, from 1991-2003. That's longer than any other Mayor in the city's 154-year history, though present Mayor Heartwell may overtake the record if he wins another term. Logie is currently a counsel attorney at Warner, Norcross, and Judd, but remains passionate about the city.

New voter identification cards are in the mail

New voter identification cards are in the mail

Every registered voter in the City of Grand Rapids will be receiving a new voter identification card by the end of June. The City Clerk's Office mailed 119,249 new voter ID cards today containing updated voter information due to the reapportionment and redistricting process. The district and precinct changes are effective for the upcoming Primary Election on August 7, 2012.

During the reapportionment process, the total number of precincts in Grand Rapids was decreased from 83 to 77 to continue to right-size our local precincts and administer cost effective and efficient elections. The boundaries, precinct numbers and polling locations of some precincts were changed. Additionally, the boundaries for several County Commissioner and State Legislative Districts have changed.

City clerk urges college bound students & firsttime voters to verify their voter registration status

City clerk urges college bound students & firsttime voters to verify their voter registration status

News Release:

Unbeknownst to many people, there is a Michigan Election Law that could potentially

hinder first time voters from voting with an absentee ballot. For example, if a high school

senior registered to vote during a voter registration drive and then attempted to obtain an

absentee ballot while away at school, the absentee ballot would be denied in accordance

with the Michigan Election Law.


Grand Rapids City Clerk Lauri Parks recalled, “In 2008, I received numerous calls

from parents trying to assist their out of town college student in obtaining an absentee ballot

as a first-time voter.

Two-for-One Special: Schmidt, Dillon to Host Joint May Coffee Hours

State Representatives Roy Schmidt (D-Grand Rapids) and Brandon Dillon (D-Grand Rapids) are inviting residents to join them for an informal conversation about improving state government at one of their weekly joint coffee hours.

Schmidt and Dillon's May weekly coffee hours are as follows:

Seniors Stand in Support of Citizens for our “Community College”

Seniors Stand in Support of Citizens for our “Community College”


Senior citizens and middle-aged workers all around Kent County are coming together in support of the GRCC Yes Campaign for “our community college”. Senior citizens and middle-aged workers join local elected officials, labor organizations, public safety officials, Republicans, and Democrats in the large and growing list of individuals and organizations urging Kent County residents to vote yes on this important proposal. 

The 20-year bond will levy 0.35 mills that would cost the average home owner just $26 per year or about $2 per month to provide essential warm, safe and dry infrastructure improvements.   Capital improvements that will bring the college 21st century learning and teaching environments.