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Monarch butterflies migrating from Grand Rapids to Mexico

Grand Rapids, MI (WZZM) - About 250 Monarch butterflies are on the way to Mexico from Grand Rapids.

"It takes them months," says John Ball Zoo education director Andy McIntyre.

The butterflies were released from John Ball Park Zoo Sunday so they can begin the 2,500 mile migration.  They are completing the yearly cycle that began last spring when the Monarchs in Mexico started moving north. The release at the zoo was an opportunity for children to learn about the butterfly's life cycle and launch the insects on their long journey south.

"It kept on tickling me and it wouldn't get off my hand," says 10 year old Emauri Tolbert, who offered his palm as a launch pad. "It wouldn't get off it."

 "It was really cool to watch it fly away," says 11 year old Maddy Lewitt. "You know you never get to really have a butterfly in your hand."

Scientists say the Monarch is the only butterfly that migrates. How they find their way is a mystery.

Baby-Ready Pets workshop hosted by Humane Society of Kent County

From: http://www.hskc.org

Sept. 4
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Baby-Ready Pets
Humane Society of Kent County
The Humane Society of Kent County offers a workshop to help prepare your pet for the arrival of your bundle of joy. With a little training and assistance, you can make it a safe and (relatively) stress-free experience for the whole family. To register for Baby-Ready Pets, please contact Jennifer Self-Aulgur, Humane Education Coordinator, (616) 791-8066 or jennifer@hskc.org.

John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids gets new monkeys

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - The John Ball Zoo has two new residents.

A pair of Colobus monkeys are now hanging out in the former tiger exhibit. It's the first time the zoo has ever had the black and white primates in their collection.

The new exhibit features a walk-in element that allows visitors to get up-close and underneath the monkeys.

The John Ball Zoo is open daily from 9:00am to 6:00pm.