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Blandford Nature Center presents Winter Survival

Blandford Nature Center presents Winter Survival

Have you ever wondered what it takes for animals to survive our harsh winter climate? Blandford Nature Center is offering a three hour event to help answer that question.

Learn how animals of Michigan survive throughout the winter as well as a few tips that might help keep you warm. You'll also learn how to make an emergency fire and shelter.

The event is suitable for ages 10 and up. Cost is $5 per person.

Saturday, January 8, 1:00-3:00 pm

Visit http://blandfordnaturecenter.org for additional information.

Blandford Nature Center presents "Super Yooper" with author Mark Newman

Come learn about invasive species impacting the great lakes through the eyes of a super-hero. Using his book "Sooper Yooper", Mark Newman will share stories about the great lakes and its treasures. Stop in any time between Noon and 5:00 pm to see what's in his treasure chest and to see invasive species up close. Great for all ages, especially kids.

Visit http://blandfordnaturecenter.org/ for additional information.

Animal care at zoos is anything but routine

No one likes getting into a rut doing the same things over and over again and we now know that animals don’t either. In the wild, animals encounter many challenges in their day to day life. In Zoos, there is no need to hunt, forage for food, and to protect themselves from predators, so to prevent boredom,  Zookeepers (both at John Ball Zoo and Zoos around the world) must be very clever about finding ways to keep their animals’ instincts sharp and their senses stimulated. This practice of animal care is called “animal enrichment”. 

John Ball Zoo has a detailed, daily, enrichment plan in place for most of the 2,000 animals in their care. Sometimes it’s a tried-and-true method, such as peanut butter stuffed inside a coconut. At other times it’s experimental. One of the chimp keepers at John Ball Zoo gave the chimps a pillow case. The smallest one put it on her head – ghost style – and ran around chasing the other chimps.