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Happy Holidays from Geek Group 2011 - #2: We Three Kings | Arts & Culture

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Happy Holidays from Geek Group 2011 - #2: We Three Kings

Merry Christmas from The Geek Group!

Rendered in four part harmony from a single solid state Tesla coil. All the sound heard is being generated from the electrical arc. A small ion motor, shaped like a Christmas Tree, is riding on top of the coil.

This Solid State Tesla Coil (SSTC) was produced by Steve Ward and provided to The Geek Group some years ago. Recently it's been used as a test bed for improving multi-voice music reproduction from a single coil. The schematic for Steve's original SSTC can be found here:


We've replaced the 555 interrupter circuit with an optically coupled Arduino Uno. The music being played is transcribed by hand from public domain sheet music. The Uno is equipped with a uSD shield and the music is stored on a uSD card. (The optocoupler is mounted on the uSD shield's prototyping area) The notes to be played are read from the uSD card and the waveform is constructed by the software in real time.