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People I've met while riding The Rapid

People I've met while riding The Rapid

by Gwendolyn Nathan

As a regular rider on The Rapid, I've met many interesting people and even learned a few lessons.

I ride The Rapid to go back and forth to work and to run small errands. Central Station is conveniently located near downtown Grand Rapids. Route information, scheduling and connections are easily accessible and the bus drivers are friendly and willing to help you if you need to know how and where to connect while you ride.   

Since I’ve been riding The Rapid, I started watching people's faces, wondering about their destinations. I began to read what I saw in different faces.  

The Transportation Odyssey is Coming

The Transportation Odyssey is Coming

Across the state, people are focusing on transportation initiatives to help move Michigan toward a vibrant, connected future.

To accelerate that conversation, Transportation for Michigan will host the Michigan Transportation Odyssey, in which participants set off on a three-day voyage from Detroit Metro Airport, to Kalamazoo, to Grand Rapids and to Traverse City using only Michigan’s transit systems and statewide passenger train service. The Transportation Odyssey gets under way on Wednesday, March 21, and will arrive in Grand Rapids on March 22.

Join advocates from around the region and Mayor George Heartwell as we welcome the Michigan Transportation Odyssey to Grand Rapids at our March speaker series event at The Rapid's Central Station downtown.

We’ll explore the connection between passenger rail, transit and...

GR City Commission Appoints Sustainable Streets Task Force

GR City Commission Appoints Sustainable Streets Task Force

The Grand Rapids City Commission appointed business, neighborhood and community leaders to the Sustainable Streets Task Force today to identify solutions for the City's street crisis. The Transformation Advisors - a citizens group appointed last year by the City Commission to look at the City's entire budget - recommended to the City Commission that a task force be appointed. The Transformation Advisors report, released last year (2/22/11) stated: "Deferred investment and disinvestment in our physical infrastructure cannot continue. Investment is necessary to prevent deterioration of our infrastructure, encourage economic development activities, and position our citizens and city for the future." The City's Transformation Investment Plan envisions utilizing the work of the newly appointed Sustainable Streets Task Force to develop investment recommendations for the community and city leaders.

Fall color tour from Grand Rapids to Rockford to Coopersville

Fall color tour from Grand Rapids to Rockford to Coopersville

The leaves are nearing their peak color in West Michigan.  You don’t have to go far to catch the fall colors.  One beautiful tour starts in Grand Rapids and takes you through Rockford, Cedars Springs and Coopersville.

Color Tour Directions Starting from Grand Rapids

North on East Beltline (M-44), turns into Northland Dr through Rockford to Cedar Springs. West on M-46, south on CR-B35 (Ravenna Rd) through Ravenna to Coopersville. Left on Randall Rd, right on 48th Ave. I-96 east back to Grand Rapids.

There are 25 other color tour routes detailed at the West Michigan Tourism Association web site:


As temps heat up, car tops go down. Hard top or Soft top?

As temps heat up, car tops go down.  Hard top or Soft top?

With summer right around the corner and and spring temps on the rise it means the start of one season in West Michigan. No, not boating season. Convertible season! Whether is is 2 seater or 4 seater, roadster or cabriolet, soft top or retractable hard top, it is a top down experience. With all of the different choices out there which one is the best? Hardtop or Soft top?. The answer is well, both. There are pros and cons to both. it really just comes down a a simple decision like choosing your favorite brewed adult beverage, light or dark?  Cloth or vinyl drop tops have been around for years and have been the staple in the marketplace for years. Most of them started out with the wonderful plastic rear window that over time, faded like a bad episode of Jersey Shore. Then soft tops graduated to glass rear windows with a window defroster so you melt the ice and snow and drive your convertible in West Michigan winters.

[HISTORY DETECTIVES] Historical transit decision comes full circle with May 3 millage

A portion of the vintage footage featured in the video is from a film made in the 1920s. That promotional film was made by the Grand Rapids Railway Company, the private corporation that controlled the transit in the city. In the beginning of the silent film, there is an introductory passage

The Grand Rapids Railway Company proves its faith in Grand Rapids by investing in new Electric Rail Coaches, giving Grand Rapids World leadership in ultra modern street railway equipment.

What Does Public Transportation Say About The Community It Serves?

What Does Public Transportation Say About The Community It Serves?

By Seth Horton

What public transportation says about the community it serves

When some people think about public transportation, they might think people who ride buses have no other transportation alternative. If that's your thought, you might want to take a look at who's riding the bus these days.

Yes, public transportation does serve a need for those without options. But let's think of public transportation as less of a need and more of an opportunity for the whole community. Today, public transportation speaks volumes to how a community prepares for sustainable success and growth, how much the community values effective planning and shows that it is seeking many avenues for an improved economy.

Sustainable success and growth