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Opinion: Courtesy uncommon behind the wheel | People

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Opinion: Courtesy uncommon behind the wheel
Opinion: Courtesy uncommon behind the wheel

I don’t consider myself an old fuddy duddy at all but I am fast becoming someone who thinks a lot of us have lost any and all regard for etiquette and courtesy.

As an example, I get a little perturbed when sitting at a traffic light at Alpine and Three Mile Road NW, maybe three to four cars back, the light turns green but no one is moving and there is nothing visible in the way of traffic. Just as the light turns yellow, the lead vehicle suddenly turns right and leaves all the remaining vehicles sitting there, not able to cross Alpine. How many guesses would it take for a person to realize the lead vehicle was either on the phone or texting, completely unaware of the traffic light or anyone around them. So inconsiderate.

As I was leaving my parking spot this noon at Greenridge Mall, I paid special attention to make certain there was no one on either side of me or behind me, who might be backing out of a parking spot before I put my car in reverse. I proceeded to back out and all of a sudden a lady across from me backed out and missed my car by inches because I quickly pulled back into my space. She never saw me and then when I followed her to the next stop, she never used her blinkers to turn. Why do we have them on our vehicles if we choose not to use them? I was told it is a law. I wonder what those same people would say when purchasing a vehicle, if the salesperson told them, “We didn’t have directional lights put on your vehicle because you never use them.” Can you imagine the reaction to that statement?

On my way out of Greenridge Mall, I was driving along in front of the stores, always aware of the crossing areas. All of a sudden an older woman exits from one of the stores, does not look either way and steps off the curb and continues to cross to the parking lot. I had stopped already when her husband, who was a few steps behind her, took the time to look my way but continued to follow her across also. They did not cross in a spot designated to cross and I would have let them cross even so, but people do have to be aware of their surroundings & use good judgment, for their sake and ours.

Let me know what you think. Please e-mail me at: kkamyszek@wzzm13.com or call me at 616-785-1313.