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People I've met while riding The Rapid | News

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People I've met while riding The Rapid
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People I've met while riding The Rapid

by Gwendolyn Nathan

As a regular rider on The Rapid, I've met many interesting people and even learned a few lessons.

I ride The Rapid to go back and forth to work and to run small errands. Central Station is conveniently located near downtown Grand Rapids. Route information, scheduling and connections are easily accessible and the bus drivers are friendly and willing to help you if you need to know how and where to connect while you ride.   

Since I’ve been riding The Rapid, I started watching people's faces, wondering about their destinations. I began to read what I saw in different faces.  

One particular morning, a young lady boarded the bus with a brown paper bag on her head. I’ll tell you this was quite a conversational piece. The bus was crowded which made it nearly impossible for me to get close enough to her to ask why and, unfortunately for me, she got off a stop before me. Some of the passengers snickered, some laughed and some just stared, but this inquiring mind really wanted to know why. I thought to myself, “Whoever she was, it took a lot of courage and bravery to pull it off.”

Each day I transfer to route 7 which takes me to my work site. On this bus, I met a young mother with two small children, a 4 year old and an infant baby boy about 6 or 7 months old. Tashaun, the 4 year old, he has become my new found friend. He talks to me all the way until we both get off at the same...


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