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Grand Rapids home for sale has hidden 2,300-piece pipe organ

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- On a quiet street on the city's West Side is an unassuming home for sale with an unusual secret: a 2,300 piece pipe organ.

Driving down the road, you would have no idea the house contains more pipes than your average church organ. It is something that needs to be seen to believed -- or rather heard.

By the kitchen table is the pipe organ with three sets of keyboards, stacked on top of each other with foot pedals. When you turn it on, a giant blower it can be heard in the basement. The organ, however, is only the half of it.

A door in the back of the house reveals a room with hundreds of pipes of all sizes. Through another door there are even more pipes, some two-stories tall. In all, there are around 2,300 with each pipe providing a different musical note. The whole organ takes up more than one third of the house.

U.S. Census Bureau looking for Field Representatives

U.S. Census Bureau looking for Field Representatives


U.S. Census Bureau has

Field Representative Positions



$13.55- $14.84 per hour starting salary (varies by location) 10% night differential for hours worked after 6PM 56 cents per reimbursable mile driven


Winter Jam Tour Spectacular Returns to VanAndel Arena January 4th

Winter Jam Tour Spectacular Returns to VanAndel Arena January 4th


Skillet Heads All-Star Lineup as the Annual Tour Celebrates 20 Years 

New winter parking rules for 19 G.R. streets

GRAND RAPIDS - Winter is coming, and the City of Grand Rapids is making changes to parking on 19 streets.

The hope is to allow emergency vehicles, fire trucks especially, to get through streets the city says "are the most challenging for snow removal and public safety accessibility."

Property owners on the streets received notices this week letting them know that on those streets, parking will be on one side of the street only, all winter long.

The city says people with questions should call 311.

On the streets in question, the odd-even rules will no longer be in effect, since residents will only be allowed to park on one side of the street throughout the winter season.

The affected streets are:

New G.R. Amtrak station to open next week

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) -- The new Vernon J. Ehlers Amtrak station in Grand Rapids is opening Monday.

The new, $6.1 million station is near the Rapid's central station. It integrates bus and rail transportation, which is good news for passengers using the popular Grand Rapids-to-Chicago Pere Marquette line.

The new station has a larger waiting area, a covered canopy, and 118 spaces for parking.

"It means we are taking very seriously rail transportation in Grand Rapids," says Mayor George Heartwell. "We are making the investment in a transit system using federal funds to build a great building."

The official ribbon cutting will happen Monday at 10 a.m., and former U.S. Representative Vern Ehlers will be there to celebrate.

My First Visit to the Blue Dog Tavern

My First Visit to the Blue Dog Tavern

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to visit the Blue Dog Tavern, formerly the Kopper Top Bar, for the first time. The tavern is located on the corner of Stocking & 4th St. NW in Grand Rapids, MI.

What a change from the former bar. I never knew there were windows on the side of the building but now those have been opened up to let the outside in. It is so wide open and inviting. The barback is especially neat; it looks like metal but I was told it is wood. Tables have receipts under glass from way back when, from years of 1936 on up, that the waitresses actually wrote out for customers orders. These were found when the new owner/owners started cleaning out the upper floor in the building.

No Bullying in Gov. Snyder's Campaign Ads

No Bullying in Gov. Snyder's Campaign Ads

I don't usually get too involved in politics but felt I had to point out the fact that Micigan's present Governor seems to be the only politician that can run a campaign on his merits not by slandering and bullying his oponent. To me, this shows he's a businessman moreso than a politician.

What he says is so true. Anyone who has been in the position Michigan was in a few years ago knows you cannot turn the State around overnight. It's kind of like people who have gained a lot of weight; the weight did not go on overnight so it's going to take time for the weight to drop off with a lot of work and determination.

I for one, admire the campaign Gov Snyder is running and feel he will do all the things he has promised but again, it won't happen overnight and not everyone will agree with his methods.

We can't have our cake and eat it too; there has to be trade-offs for us to get back to the great self-sustaining State of Michigan we used to be.