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Parkside the Neighborhood Store
Parkside the Neighborhood Store

Parkside Market is located at 1153 Fulton St. NW, just a short walk from John Ball Park. This is a market that has been around for many years to serve the neighborhood.

A couple years ago, the market was purchased and remodeled, making it all fresh & new again. Just recently I stopped there to purchase a few items only to notice that stock in the store seemed to be very sparse. It gave me a bad feeling and I was thinking to myself, “Don’t tell me this is going to be a business of the past soon.”

Parkside probably has one of the best Polish Kielbasas in the entire city of Grand Rapids, along with so many other great fresh meat case offerings. If you have not tried it yet and you like Kielbasa, make a point of stopping in and getting some. You will love it.

The clerks in the store are very friendly to everyone who comes in the door. The store caters to shut-ins, even delivering their groceries to them. They also give a senior citizen and college student discount. Let’s support this store and keep it around for many, many more years.