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Time to Inventory your Freezer & make some Soup | Families

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Time to Inventory your Freezer & make some Soup
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Time to Inventory your Freezer & make some Soup

Just recently, while looking for something in my freezer, I realized it was time to really go through everything to make certain I was not losing food because of freezer burn. Winter is the perfect time to clean freezers. I decided to eat from my freezer for a week and see what happened.

I found good things that I had labeled and forgotten about. When the week was over, I had a much more organized freezer and at the same time, saved myself a trip or two to the store.

I ended up making Turkey Cream Soup that I thought really was good, probably one of the best I have made. I only had a few veggies in the fridge so I started out with the usual sautéing of onions, celery, chopped garlic and carrots and then added some chicken stock from the freezer also, that I had frozen in zip-lock freezer bags. I found a can of Recipe Starter, 3-cheese type, made by Progresso. Guess I must have purchased this sometime along the way and there it was sitting in the pantry. Then I decided I needed something more substantial in the soup so I added a big handful of wide noodles. The last thing I added was the turkey pieces from the freezer that I thawed. As far as seasonings, I added the usual salt, pepper and a little dried thyme.

Here is a listing of ingredients I used:

Olive Oil & Butter

Carrots-cut up

Onions-cut up

Celery-cut up


Combine the items above in a 6 quart kettle and sauté until veggies are softened.

Chicken Stock – Add to veggies, along with the spices,

Salt, Pepper, Dried Thyme

Recipe Starter-Mine was the 3-Cheese version but there are others out there

Noodles, any kind

Soups are always so good, especially in our wintry weather. Check out your freezer and see what you come up with. Let me know so I can publish your creation also. Send it by mail or e-mail to: 645  3 Mile Rd. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544 or cookingwithkal@wzzm13.com

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