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Love Equalizer: Q&A with Erin Wilson | Community Spirit

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Love Equalizer: Q&A with Erin Wilson
Love Equalizer: Q&A with Erin Wilson

Written by Lindsay Patton

Questions for Erin Wilson, founder of Until Love Is Equal, director of Wealthy Theatre and board president of ArtPeers.

You're involved in Wealthy Theatre, Until Love Is Equal and ArtPeers. What's your main focus for 2012?
I couldn't say one would be less immense than the other. There's the centennial campaign at the theatre and ArtPeers is in the middle of a major reboot. Of course, we carry on with Until Love Is Equal.

Until Love Is Equal began in June of 2011 as a response to the City of Holland's June 15 vote excluding sexual orientation and gender identity from an anti-discrimination ordinance. How has the movement grown since then?
I think it's grown largely because it's a positive movement. It's not angry, it's beyond reactionary. And for me, I come at this as a straight, white, male conservative. It's really about loving a group of people enough to say, "I don't care what you do in the privacy of your home with your partner, that's how much I...