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G-Sync: Viget is a Verb | Arts & Culture

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G-Sync: Viget is a Verb
G-Sync: Viget is a Verb

Tommy Allen, Lifestyle Editor

This past March, I was asked to play former Red Hot Mama Tootsie Van Kelly for LaughFest 2012's Live from Grand Rapids opener. I searched in the MLive archives and called area TV stations, but I discovered nothing about this much-beloved performer who entertained locals, travelers, and even presidents.

It was a note on my Facebook that opened the floodgates. People shared stories, photos, and offered to make introductions. Since I was not making a bio-pic, I settled on their insights. Searching Civic Theatre’s closet provided a quick change from manly to womanly garb. I became Tootsie Van Kelly.  

Fast-forward six months: Viget.org is emerging as another resource. If successful, this Grand Rapids wiki will provide our city with a viewpoint of people who know it best: you and me.
“Viget started in 2007 collaboratively between Michael Greene, Paul Wittenbraker, Trannie Carter...