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Boxes are for Shoes: LZ Granderson on Equality | Arts & Culture

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Boxes are for Shoes: LZ Granderson on Equality
Boxes are for Shoes: LZ Granderson on Equality

by Heidi Stukkie

By any measure, LZ Granderson is a very successful man.

He’s an award-winning journalist, a senior writer and columnist for ESPN the Magazine and ESPN.com, and a CNN contributor who appears regularly on air and writes a weekly column for CNN.com.

Granderson presented at TEDxGrandRapids in June and is listed on the national TED site.

He’s also a dad, and this proud father says his 15-year-old son Isaiah is “a total rock star” -- he’s on the Mayor’s Youth Council and the Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Youth Grant Committee, plus he made the All-Conference track team, too.
“We’re very close, and I love him to bits and pieces,” Granderson adds.
He’s in a committed, happy relationship. He’s smart and athletic. And he knows a whole lot about politics and sports.
Sounds like the perfect life, right? It’s close, but as long as Granderson lives in Michigan, there are two things he cannot do: get married to his partner Steve Huesing or adopt a child with his partner.

Yes, Granderson is gay. And neither gay marriage nor adoption by homosexual couples is legal...