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Mustard Plug Celebrates 20 Years of Beers | Arts & Culture

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Mustard Plug Celebrates 20 Years of Beers
Mustard Plug Celebrates 20 Years of Beers

Written by Lindsay Patton

Dave Kirchgessner had two goals for his career in music.

The Mustard Plug front man's first goal was to get free beer. His second was to be able to take the band's music all over the world. He's succeeded at both.

For the band's 20th anniversary, it's only fitting that the members hit the road for the "20 Years of Beer Tour."

"It's a bizarre milestone, because it's not something we ever thought we'd attain," Kirchgessner said.

"It's longer than we've done anything else," added Bassist Colin Clive.

Kirchgessner and Clive are the band's original members, having known each other since the late ‘80s. The two bonded over punk shows and the fact that they both owned Volkswagen Beetles.

At the time, Clive was studying at Western Michigan University, while Kirchgessner was at Michigan State University. The two made a deal to make a ska punk band once they moved back to Grand Rapids.

"It wasn't anything serious. We didn't think it would be around 20 months, let alone 20 years," Kirchgessner…