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Children take a stand against violence in Grand Rapids | News

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Children take a stand against violence in Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM)-  A group of Grand Rapids area youth are taking a stand against violence.

They performed at Lamb of God Church Saturday afternoon. They say their message is not only for those making poor choices, but to also highlight those on the right path.

"Taking a Stand Against Violence" was an idea that started taking shape in February. But in light of the recent summer violence, those involved say the message is just as important now as ever.

Dressed as soldiers, the Holy Steps and the Anointed Step dance groups say they are in a war.

Performer Natasha Garcia explains, "I hope the message gets across that there's more out there than gang violence and other things for young kids to do instead of out running the streets all the time."

Members of Lamb of God Church say they're fighting back and their words are their weapons.  Performer Brandon Miller says, "In the city of Grand Rapids, we're just going through a lot of things and I just want to be able to inspire with a Godly sense of happiness and greatness so we can try to encourage our youth to stay away from the streets."

Many fell victim to the streets and many more are missing a loved one taken by violence. The statistics are staggering. This group is trying to change that.

Garcia says, "We passed out flyers and we got turned down by a lot of young black teens that were not feeling this."

But they won't get discouraged, they'll just keep spreading their message, one step at a time.

If this is something you'd like to participate in, there is more ministry and performances Sunday at 4:30 p.m. , including inspirational speaker Paul Collins.