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Gilda's Club to host West Side Walk

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) -- For nearly 15 years, Gilda's Club Grand Rapids has provided emotional support for those affected by cancer. And, this weekend it's starting a new movement to touch the lives of those in the community. Gilda's is holding an inaugural West Side Walk and Block Party this Saturday.

The event aims to highlight the growing success of the west side community as well as what Gilda's Club has accomplished in Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids, MI Pulaski Days in full swing this coming Weekend

Grand Rapids, MI Pulaski Days in full swing this coming Weekend

Pulaski Days in Grand Rapids, MI will kick off on Thursday evening, October 1st for some of the Polish Halls. Officially, this event kicks off about Noon, Friday, October 2nd  and goes through Sunday, October 4th.

There will lots of Polish food and dancing. A bussing schedule is available also for people traveling from hall to hall. I am attaching a schedule for all the halls along with a map. All the halls are open to the public for the weekend.

Enjoy a Polish Weekend in Grand Rapids!

Initiatives That Could Help Prevent Elder Fraud

Initiatives That Could Help Prevent Elder Fraud

Senior Citizens and their families lose $3 Billion a year to con artists. What can we do to stop them?

This is a statement on the cover of the latest Consumer Reports magazine. In a recent study, about 1 in 20 seniors said they were financially abused. If a new disease struck that many older Americans the report noted, a public health crisis would likely be declared.

Opinion: My take on Artprize so far this Year

Opinion: My take on Artprize so far this Year

My friend Pat & I went downtown for Artprize on opening day, Wednesday, September 23rd. Lots to see but we did not see anything that actually jumped out at us, like WOW! Have our expectations become too high because of all the awesome and unusual art displays we have seen in the past 6 years?

One picture did take us by surprise in the walkway from DeVos Place over to the Grand Plaza. It is a picture of a bridge, done in a brushed aluminum affect and it looks like you can actually step on it and cross over. So realistic that I actually got dizzy and a little on the nausea side, like it draws you in. Very unusual.

Road closed after car crashes into Coca-Cola building

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) -- DTE crews were called to the Coca-Cola plant in Grand Rapids to take care of a gas leak after a car crashed into the building Thursday morning.

The accident happened around 7:15 a.m. at the plant on Butterworth Street SW near the John Ball Zoo.

Butterworth Street was closed between Wealthy and John Ball Park Drive while emergency crews worked.

Police on scene tell WZZM 13 only three people were inside the building at the time of the incident. No one was hurt and no one was evacuated.

Police are looking into the cause of the crash. The condition of the driver is unknown at this time.

Free Testing for Concussions In Children

Free Testing for Concussions In Children

Unaddressed concussions can have a devastating effect on a child’s life. Many silent concussions that are not obvious go unreported, sometime with deadly results.

Whether the concussion comes from a head injury, fall, or the sudden impact of acceleration or deceleration force, it can occur without being immediately recognized and can lead to long-term complications.

Because of this, some businesses, in conjunction with Vision Help Concussion Project, are offering a free baseline concussion testing with the King-Devick Test during September. This test is a safe, fast and reliable method to detect a dysfunction in micro-eye movements associated with concussions. Appointments are limited so please call ahead.

The following businesses are participating:

Meijer Optical, 5531 28th St. SE – 616-575-6647

Pearle Vision, 4284 Plainfield NE – Sept 17th – 616-364-6228

Fowle Eyecare Associates, 120 Marcell Dr. NE – 616-866-0140

Military Wall Of Honor at Coopersville High School

Military Wall Of Honor at Coopersville High School

Warren Warber, a recently retired teacher from Coopersville High School, has started a project of remembrance. Warren was the industrial arts teacher for many, many years at the school. Although he was never able to enter any of the military branches because of a broken back, he  wants to have members of the military who graduated from Coopersville,  remembered on a wall near the high school’s west entrance where students getting on and off the buses each day are made aware of the sacrifices of war.

The Coopersville Rotary along with several other veterans groups are working with Mr. Warber on this project. The wall has been erected and now it is just a matter of people submitting their photo and military records to be posted on the wall. Several veterans from World War II have already sent their information along. Information and photos should be sent to: Wall of Honor, Coopersville Area Public Schools, 198 East St., Coopersville, MI. 49404